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What Does a
Proofreading Provide?

Unlike many other academic proofreading providers, we fully adhere to university regulations on proofreading so you can rest assured that the proofreading service you receive does not breach any general academic guidelines in the UK.

We treat your work with the utmost confidentiality and act in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Along with leaving useful feedback for each document, our highly experienced proofreaders use the ‘Track Changes’ and ‘Comment’ functions in Microsoft Word to make suggestions to identify and amend:

  • Grammatical errors

  • Formatting errors

  • Inconsistencies

  • Spelling errors

  • Syntactical

  • Issues with clarity

  • Other problems that could prevent you from reaching your potential  

Your Responsibilities for a Successful Proofreading

After the proofreading is returned to you, you will need to:

  • Review each suggested change carefully and either choose to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the suggestions.

  • Bear in mind all of the proofreader’s feedback

Check Out Our Sample

Take a look at our sample here to see how it works.

Who Is Proofreading Your Work?

Our professional proofreaders are highly experienced English language experts who have reviewed thousands of academic documents between them.

They are all native English speakers from the UK who have graduated from prestigious British universities and have years of experience working with language.

Among our excellent proofreaders, we count translators, novelists, writers, magazine editors, book editors and other highly skilled experts, all of whom have abundant academic proofreading experience.

Fees and Turnaround

This is subject to availability as our proofreaders are in high demand.

Please bear in mind that availability is often lower during holidays and weekends.


We charge £0.024 per word for standard academic proofreading. We can proofread 3,000 words per working day to guarantee excellent quality work.

  • 3000 words or under - 24 hours

  • 3000-6000 words - 48 hours

  • 6000-9000 words - 72 hours (and so on).


Excluding weekends and public holidays.

Fast Track

We charge £0.036 per word for standard academic proofreading. We can proofread 6,000 words per working day to guarantee excellent quality work.

  • 6000 words or under - 24 hours

  • 6000-12000 words - 48 hours

  • 12000-18000 words - 72 hours (and so on).


Excluding weekends and public holidays.

Have a Long Assignment and Close Deadline?

You don’t have to send us your whole essay all at once. Once you’ve finished a section, you can send us that section for proofreading. We can proofread these sections – e.g. your introduction – while you are writing another section e.g. your methodology.

Make a Booking

Message our helpful customer service team and they will help you fit your booking with our proofreaders. Booking in advance is highly recommended. 

Please click here to make a booking.

Our working hours are from Monday to Friday, 10:00-17:30 GMT. 

Still Not Sure?

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