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Since opening in 2013, client satisfaction levels have been constantly high with a large amount of repeat bookings. We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service that always follows academic and professional regulations to deliver an ethical and reliable service. Here’s what our happy customers have to say:

Customer ID: 477

3,510 words

Very satisfied with the high-quality service. The academic proofreading service is very professional. Will recommend it to friends.

Customer ID: 491

7,252 words

One of the Proofie team, Luke, helped me to modify my paper. I made an appointment to get the article within a couple of days, running into Valentine's Day. It was very efficient, and the customer service was very helpful and patient. When I started with my own paper, I had no confidence. After seeing the results of the revision, I felt that the ideas were clearer and the grammar mistakes were changed very carefully. The whole essay became organised. The comments are very detailed and the customer service also helped a lot. The most important thing is how they provide advice on how to improve your writing methods in the future, such as using British English, not abbreviating, paying attention to tense and capitalisation. All in all, a very intimate service, strongly recommended, I will definitely use them again.

Customer ID: 530
2,079 words

This was my first time with Proofie, their customer service are the best people in the world! Their answers are very prompt and the proofreader reviewed my work with a quick delivery. They are very responsible and professional!

Customer Number: 691

15,302 words

Sam proofread my essay very carefully and even pointed out many small details that I hadn’t thought of, very grateful!

Customer Number: 882

3,905 words

Wow, I just realised many of my friends are having their essays proofread by you!


Customer Number: 1025

14,074 words

I got a distinction this time! Very satisfied and grateful! Brilliant!


Customer Number: 1082

15,658 words

The secret behind getting high scores, I’ll post this on my Facebook!

Customer Number: 1254

8,075 words

I’m sure to pass this time! Your feedback at the bottom of the document is very helpful!

Customer Number: 597

12,082 words

I have been using your service for three years. Sam has helped me a lot and encouraged me to be confident. Even I can see my improvements now! Thank you very much for helping me for such a long time! I love it.

Customer Number: 468

15,820 words

From sophomore to post-graduate work, all my assignments have been proofread by you. I feel very thankful to Sam and Luke, of course, and your customer care team. This is my final dissertation! Here to say goodbye and that I’m going to be happily graduating.

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