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Frequently Asked Questions

I finished my assessment quite late, can I still have my work proofread?

Proofie has an express service that can meet student requirements. For more information, please refer to the section on Academic Proofreading. In regards to the modification of personal documents like CVs, cover letters and personal statements, Proofie can also provide an express service. Please contact customer services for further information.

Please note that after the completion of the booking you will need to submit documents by the agreed time. If there are any issues, please contact customer services 24 hours in advance to reschedule. If the document cannot be submitted, the deposit will be forfeited to make up for the consultant’s lost time.

Will the quality of my essay be increased after proofreading?

Proofie can guarantee an increase in the quality of the language of the essay. If you follow the feedback provided by our consultants and apply the step by step modifications to your essay, the quality of your essay will definitely increase. However, the quality is limited to the quality of the original essay. If you would like to increase the standard and quality of your English, please refer to the feedback from our proofreading consultants for writing skills and techniques. If you are still worried, then we recommend booking a study skills session for advice.

I don’t think my essay is academic enough, can you help me write, translate or rewrite it?

Proofie is very strict with academic plagiarism regulations. It is against regulations to (re)write, translate or paraphrase the work, therefore, Proofie will not be able to help. We do not recommend clients using other services related to the above question in order to avoid issues relating to academic integrity, which can affect the final results. For further information, please consult your lecturer. We also recommend booking a study skills session to improve your academic writing.

I think my standard of English is very good, do I still need to have my work proofread?

The vast majority of universities give 10-20% of the marks for the use of language in assessments. Proofie believes that people make mistakes in writing essays, even if English is their first language. Statistics show that the errors are mostly accidental, therefore, it does not matter if the standard of English is good or bad. Proofie not only helps clients improve and gain marks in language, we also improve the readability of the text to help teachers understand the author’s original intention and to prevent losing marks in this area. This is particularly important for international students whose first language is not English.

When and how should I make payment?

With regards to proofreading, please ensure payment within 24 hours of receiving the invoice – we recommend making payment before the consultant completes proofreading; failure to do so may delay the return of your work. Proofie will not be held responsible for any issue as a result of this.

With regards to other services, please make payment within 24 hours of receiving the invoice as we need to confirm payment before commencing with second drafts.

Our payment methods include bank transfers and PayPal. More information can be found in the confirmation email and the invoice attached.

What times are customer services online? How can I contact you?

Proofie’s customer services are available on workdays Monday to Friday, GMT, between the times of 10:00 and 17:30. Feel free to leave a message outside working hours and our customer services will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Customer Services:

WeChat/QQ: 2489767828


My English is very poor, so I’m afraid that customer services will find it hard to understand me. What should I do?

Don’t worry! Proofie’s customer services are happy to help and are fluent in both English and Chinese. If any other language is required, please consult customer services.

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