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University Regulations

Unlike general proofreading, academic proofreading is limited by university plagiarism policies, which means that there are certain amendments that are forbidden. Currently, Proofie uses the proofreading rules from the University of Leicester as general guidance.

Where a proofreader or proofreading service can be used, we can:

  1. Identify spelling and typographical errors

  2. Identify poor grammar

  3. Highlight formatting errors or inconsistencies

  4. Identify errors in labelling of diagrams, charts or figures

  5. Highlight a sentence or paragraph that is overly complex or where the intended meaning is not clear

  6. Draw attention to repeated phrases or omitted words


Where a proofreader or proofreading service can be used, we cannot:

  1. Rewrite passages of text to clarify the meaning

  2. Change any words or figures, except to correct spelling

  3. Check or rewrite calculations, formulae, equations or computer code

  4. Rearrange or reformat passages of text

  5. Contribute any additional material to the original

  6. Re-label diagrams, charts or figures


However, different universities have different rules and regulations. According to our research, most universities apply more flexible regulations than the University of Leicester while others completely forbid proofreading. It is your responsibility to carefully check this and your style guide before submission to make sure you get the most out of your booking. Use of this service indicates that you accept and understand this responsibility.

We cannot accept any responsibility for breaches of individual university regulations should you choose to use this service.

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